We have developed a business building that has the ability to self-produce the electricity
from solar and wind energy, and to collect and purify water. It is a commercial and
residential building with about 200 meters in height and 50-70 floors.

In this business building, We have invented and developed an idea for solar wings and wind
turbines, which are not shown in the project (We keep this idea until the final business

Hotel Cruiser

We have an interesting project of a hotel with 705 rooms (5+ star), that has an original idea of
luxury and usage of energy. In this project, We have developed a new way of equipping the
entire space and usage of solar energy. (We keep this part, about equipping for solar and wind
energy usage, until the final business negotiations)


VIP village

VIP resort is closed, fenced by high walls and completely independent of
energy use and independent of using water. The main goal of this project is VIP village
independent from the outside world, with self-production of electricity from solar and
wind energy. (A detailed description of the project we leave for the final business