The arrow is a symbol of accuracy, precision, strength, speed, combat and determination in achieving goals. It clearly symbolizes a true male principle and goal. ‘Arrow’ with its shape and color of the sky and environment fits perfectly into the overall environment.

Hotel Cruiser

The hotel is being built on the island of Hvar in the Dalmatian region. It should contain 704 rooms and provide space for at least 1,400 beds. The associated property comprises 18,299 m2.

In addition, the hotel should include restaurants, bars / lobbies, various terraces, spa and spa areas, a rooftop pool, two helicopter landing pads and much more.


Vip Village

VIP resort is closed, fenced by high walls and completely independent of energy use and independent of using water. The main goal of this project is VIP village independent from the outside world, with self-production of electricity from solar and wind energy. (A detailed description of the project we leave for the final business negotiations).

Serbian-Russian center

Serbian-Russian center, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Designed complex stone projects for a strategic and historically important buildings, Worth 11 million EUR


Temple of Saint Sava

Temple of Saint Sava, Mrkonjic Grad, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Designed and completed a project of a strategic and historically important building, Worth 5.6 million EUR