Serbian-Russian center

Serbian-Russian center, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Designed complex stone projects for a strategic and historically important buildings, Worth 11 million EUR.

Status: in development (2018) | Size: 3189 m2 | Budget: 11 mil €

Temple of Saint Sava – Mrkonjic Grad

Temple of Saint Sava, Mrkonjic Grad, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pioneered in project management of roof coverings and crosses for churches, made of special stainless steel sheets covered with nitrite titanium, from the Russian Federation

Designed and completed a project of a strategic and historically important building,
Worth 5,6 million EUR

Designed and developed an artistic mosaic project, supervised its production process, and managed works on its installation on the church’s walls (820 m2)


Status: completed | Budget: 5,6 mil €

Vip Village

VIP resort is closed, fenced by high walls and completely independent of energy use and independent of using  water. The main goal of this project is VIP village independent from the outside world, with self-production of electricity from solar and wind energy.






Status: in development (2016.) | Size: land: 130 000 m2, building: 32 000 m2 | Budget: 68-88 mil $

Hotel Cruiser

The hotel will be one of the 40 deluxe hotels in the 5+ star segment and will offer the wealthy guests of the upper income groups the opportunity for recreation and regeneration.
The complex includes both spa and wellness areas as well as extensive recreation areas on the hotel‘s roof, as well as around the hotel complex. The hotel has the potential to be the ultimate getaway for families, couples and their friends.

Download PDF: 3VE-LIMITED-Hotel-Cruiser-Croatia

Investment cost of the building

Status: in development (2015) | Size: 40 683 m 2 | Budget: 145 mil €


The shape of the arrow inspired the architect Željko Trivić in creation of the conceptual and architectural solution of this project. The arrow is a symbol of accuracy, precision, strength, speed, combat and determination in achieving goals.

It clearly symbolizes a true male principle and goal. ‘Arrow’ with its shape and color of the sky and environment fits perfectly into the overall environment.


Investment cost of the building

Spatial distribution according to space type

Status: in development (2016.) | Size: 118 000m2 | Budget: 105mil BAM